Two days, four Castles and a glass of Uhudler

Statue at Burg Lockenhaus

On the second weekend of June, coordinator Anne Thun-Hohenstein took members of Welcome to Austria on a tour to Burgenland, Austria’s eaternmost region.

On day one, members enjoyed a guided tour at Burg Lockenhaus (1242) and the atmosphere of a medieval “knights’ festival”. A visit of Rudolf Kedl’s scultpure garden at Markt Neuhodis propelled them into the contemporary.


Along the Hungarian border with its lovely vineyards we went south to discover “Uhudler”, a local wine specialty. We tasted it in the unique Kellerviertel of Heiligenbrunn where the hotel owner gave his personal comments on the regional architecture and habits.

Rudolf Kedl

Kedl’s sculpture garden

A glass of Uhudler










On Sunday morning, the group went to the medieval town of Güssing with its majestic castle (1157) of the Hungarian Batthyány family. Heading North again, they passed by Schloss Rotenturm.

Batthyány Castle

Schloss Rotenturm










Lunch at a Restaurant on the border of a hidden lake was followed by the grand finale, a guided tour in Burg Schlaining (1271), also known as Friedensburg (“peace castle”) for its being the location of the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Lunch at the fish restaurant

Burg Schlaining aka Friedensburg

First Vice president Angelika Saupe-Berchtold and Coordinator Anne Thun-Hohenstein with members of WA










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